Leading 4 Things You Should Know When Looking for Granny Flat Designs

If you are trying to find additional space or area, then granny flats are a very cost-effective and simple to preserve alternative house. There are various styles on the marketplace, so before you pick your granny flat, continue reading to discover the Top 4 Things You Should Know When Looking for Granny Flat Designs for your yard.

Space Sizes

Make certain you understand the size of each space in the granny flat. If the design you have  selected is not on display screen then ask the company to compose the sizes of each space on the design. This is very crucial as there is no point building the additional residence to then discover that your bed will not fit in the bed room or the TELEVISION system will not suit your lounge area. More info on Australia granny flats granny flats around Sydney

There are many drawing programs (such as Google sketch) that you can draw the design and size of the granny flat, in addition to detailing space sizes. I would suggest you determine your furniture and place this in the spaces also. Additionally, you can determine the system in your yard to obtain a feel for the size.


Pipes can be pricey so we recommend that having the kitchen area, restrooms and laundry close together is more expense reliable then having a granny flat design that has them spaced out. It is necessary to keep in mind that they all need to come to one point in the system in the end, so for that reason the closer they are, the less expensive it will be. When placing your granny flat in your yard search for where your sewage and pipes are as the system has to be plumbed to these, and once again the closer they are the more expense reliable it will be. If you cannot find your pipelines you can always check out dial before you dig online or call them and they will send you out the details of where all your pipelines ought to lie. This is a very handy and essential service to make sure this procedure goes efficiently.

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3 Things You Must Know Before Building A Granny Flat In Your Backyard

Granny flats are a fantastic addition to any existing property, especially if you want additional space around the home, someplace for your kids or folks to live, or a simple financial investment property. This completely self-included home extension is developed on the exact same plot of land that your primary home is and can share the yard area or you can fence an area off in your backyard. If you are considering including this smaller sized home on your house, it is best to invest a long time researching to prevent a few of the typical risks. Notably, there are 3 things you need to know before building a granny flat in your yard, and the following suggestions will help you along your way.

Can I put one in my yard?

This is a typical question and there is not a great deal of details out there that assists you understand what is included. When building a granny flat you initially need to examine that you have enough area for the system to suit your yard. Step up the area you are meaning on building, draw a sketch, procedure from all the limits (fences, swimming pools, house, trees) and mark this down. Although this looks like a complicated procedure, it will make life a lot much easier later when picking your flat design. Bear in mind too that councils have specific policies when it concerns building a granny flat, which results in our next suggestion.

Council Regulations.

There are different building and preparation policies when building a granny flat in your yard. All councils in Victoria have different guidelines as there are different overlays on everybody's property so it is best if you call or visit your very own council, you will need to speak to both the building department and preparation department. Building departments are more about the structure (the system has to meet all building regulations and Australian Standards) and the positioning of the real flat is why a building authorization is needed. The preparation department is more about overlays (heritage, wildfire etc) and will issue a preparation authorization if needed. As building authorizations are a requirement for all granny flats in Melbourne they ought to instantly have this service in the surface rate of your flat, nevertheless town is not needed for all, so this will not be consisted of in the rate but the company you choose must also have the ability to use this service.